8 Things That Great Marriages Always Do - Part 4

8 Tips to Grow a Great Marriage

We know you want to see your marriage grow!!  So, here are 8 practical tips that people who have great marriages do.

#7 Read and Keep Actively Learning

When is the last time you picked up a book on marriage or attended a conference to improve your relationship?  Spending focused time learning and challenging the status quo in your marriage is a great thing that is sure to produce helpful results.  Couples that are thriving are usually receiving regular, helpful outside input to spur them on and help them see things they might otherwise have missed.  And, GOOD JOB because you are already doing this by reading these articles on how to improve your relationship here on Married is Great.  👏
Here are some great books on marriage books that we highly recommend:

Or, if you are ready for a major turbo charge to your marriage, consider signing up for one of our upcoming Married is Great Marriage Conferences.  

#8 Pray Together

Yes, prayer is a major key to having a vibrant, healthy marriage.  Marriage is hard.  And, we all need help beyond the resources we have within ourselves.  We hope you already pray for your marriage on a daily basis.  But, this is something one step further.  This is an encouragement to pray together.  At some point, you've probably heard the phrase "marriages that pray together, stay together".  Well, it's true.  Research has shown that when couples pray together (for their marriage, or for anything together) there are major positive impacts on their relationship, intimacy, trust, forgiveness, and many more amazing things.  And, it makes sense.  Our wise Creator designed marriage.  So, why wouldn't we seek Him together before His throne, particularly as we ask Him to help us grow in our relationship.  If you aren't doing this already, make sure you start today!

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