How to Have a Thriving Marriage in the Midst of Homeschooling

You know the unique challenges and pressures that homeschooling can place on a marriage?  This conference is specifically designed to help homeschooling couples THRIVE in their marriage.

Conference Dates

Choose from 1 of the 3 weekends that the Fall conference will be happen.  Choose the weekend that fits your schedule!  All retreats run from Friday 4:00pm - Saturday 5:00pm:
➢ Nov.  3-4
➢ Nov.  17-18
➢ Dec.  1-2

The Location

Where is the Marriage vs Homeschooling retreat held? A romantic boutique hotel. Or a cute Airbnb cottage. Or maybe you'll choose a cozy cabin in the woods. Wherever you join from, we want it to be refreshing and relaxing so you can cultivate an amazing relational time together.

The retreat is a virtual event, and the goal is for you and your spouse to get away by yourselves, and have some dedicated time to focus on growing your marriage. The conference sessions are streamed Friday evening and Saturday and we've structured the schedule dinner & lunch dates so you can have some focused connection time between sessions.

The Atmosphere

Investing your best energy into your marriage is so important! As homeschoolers, we know that our time and attention are precious resources...we have so many things vying for our attention. So, it is crucial that you and your spouse have some dedicated alone time to connect and grow.

So, how can you thoughtfully cultivate an environment for this conference that is most helpful? The first rule of the conference is that it needs to be kid-free. We all love our children, but let's be honest...our kids can often get our best energy and we end up with leftovers for our spouse. This retreat will be a refreshing time for just the two of you to learn and talk and grow together. So, make arrangements to go away from home, or if you decide to stay home- to have arrangements made for you children so you can be alone for 25 hours!


Yes, this is a marriage conference...but it is also a really great excuse for a romantic weekend getaway!

The Schedule

4:30-5:30 Session 1: Trial By Homeschooling - Unique Challenges to Marriage
5:30-7:30 Dinner Date - Discussion Questions Provided
7:30-8:30 Session 2: As For Me and My House - God’s Plan for Prioritization

8:00-9:00 Session 3: Strive to Thrive - Practical Ways to Prioritize Your Marriage
9:00-9:30 Coffee Break - Take a walk together, hold hands :)
9:30-11:00 Break Out Sessions
   Man to Man - Key Issues Facing Homeschool Husbands
   Wives Chat - Key Issues Facing Homeschool Wives
11:00-2:30 Together Activity & Lunch Date
2:30-3:30 Session 4: Are We There Yet? - Evaluating & (Possibly) Resetting Your Goals
3:30-4:00 Snack Break
4:00-5:00 Session 5: Let’s Get Practical - Tips, Advice & Takeaways For a Thriving Marriage

Bonus: Post Conference Challenges - after the conference be sure to watch your email for challenges. These will help you stay on track and keep putting into practice what you learned.

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The Speakers

Mark & Amy Baker are the founders of Married is Great Clothing Co and have seven children ages 7 to 17. They have homeschooled all their children and understand the unique challenges that can face a marriage while homeschooling. Mark serves as an elder at Christ our Hope Bible Church in Spokane, Washington where they regularly encourage and provide marriage counseling to couples. They believe God's Word is sufficient to address the challenges that any couple may face in their marriage.

Retreat Dates

The conference will be offered 3 weekends this fall. Choose that weekend that works best for your schedule. All retreats run from Friday 4:00pm - Saturday 5:00pm:
  ➢ Fri/Sat    Nov. 3-4
  ➢ Fri/Sat    Nov. 17-18
  ➢ Fri/Sat    Dec. 1-2

The cost to register is $̶1̶0̶9̶  $89 (early bird pricing)

   Register for Nov 3-4   Register for Nov 17-18   Register for Dec 1-2