A Marriage Retreat for  Homeschoolers

You know the unique challenges & pressures homeschooling can place on a marriage.

What you need is a retreat designed for you, SO YOUR MARRIAGE CAN THRIVE!

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A Conference You Need


Marriage Building Sessions


Super Practial 
Break-out Sessions


Couples have already 

25 hrs

of refreshing relational 
time with your spouse

encourage your relationship

Dedicated Together Time

Schedule has built-in couple's dates and activities so you can grow healthy, deep communication!

Romantic Atmosphere

Refreshing & relaxing environment so you can cultivate relational time together away from your kids!

Biblically Based Teaching

Sessions use Scripture with lots of practical application so you can grow closer to Jesus and each other!

What People Are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the retreat located?

A boutique hotel. An Airbnb cottage. A cozy cabin. Wherever you join from, we want it to be refreshing, relaxing & romantic!

The conference sessions are live streamed so you can join from anywhere!  The goal is for you & your spouse to get away by yourselves, and have some dedicated time to focus on growing your marriage. We've also built the schedule with dinner & lunch dates, so you can have some focused connection time.

What is the cost?

$79.  Regular registration is $109, but if you pre-register (below), you'll unlock access to our super-early bird rate and save $40 off the regular price.

Who are the speakers?

Mark & Amy Baker are the founders of Married is Great Clothing Co and have seven children ages 7 to 17. They have homeschooled all their children and understand the unique challenges that can face a marriage while homeschooling. 

Mark serves as an elder at Christ our Hope Bible Church in Spokane, Washington where they regularly encourage and provide marriage counseling to couples. They believe God's Word is sufficient to address the challenges that any couple may face in their marriage.

Have other questions?

Send a message to Mark & Amy directly and we'll be happy to answer: mark@marriedisgreat.com

 Are You Ready To Purposefully
GROW Your Marriage?

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Pre-register to get access to super early-bird pricing.
And, get instant access to full conference schedule.