15 Amazingly Creative Date Night Ideas

Date Night is a crucial part of a healthy marriage!  If your relationship is going to grow and thrive, you need protected, prioritized, uninterrupted time to be alone together.  And, you need to have fun as a couple on a regular basis.  So here are 15 super fun, very creative date night ideas that you can do on any budget:


This is a super fun home date. You’ll eventually make your way back home, but first you get to go shopping! Find a store with a wide variety of items and then split up. Set a 30 min time limit to meet back together at the car. You’ll both need to buy 3 items: something under $1, $4 & $10 (or set your own budget). Look for things that you know your spouse will enjoy! You’ll use these for the date night at home. Keep it a secret until you get home!


Ever wanted to tour Europe, or Thailand, or New Zealand? Or maybe you want to see a close up view of the bright colored buildings in Nuuk, Greenland. You can do this date night at home or at a coffee shop. Both of you need to write down 3 places you’d love to explore virtually. Then use Google Maps or Google Earth to take a virtual tour together!

#3 ~ DANCING ~

Find a local dance class or a place that offers an open dance night (ballroom, swing, etc…). Or if you are a bit more on the shy side, plan a romantic dance night at home! Pick some romantic music and find a good online instructional video and learn on your own! Optional add-on idea: after you spend a night or two at home learning from a video, plan a romantic dance night under the stars somewhere and take a late night picnic and dance together!


Whether you like real sushi or not, this is a super fun (and delicious) home date night idea! You’ll need: fruit roll-ups, sticky rice and any candy or fruit for filling your sushi rolls that you want. Swedish fish are a great idea to get started, but you can get creative. Use fruit (mango, kiwi, banana…) or sliced pieces of other desserts (rice crispy treats, chocolate cake, etc…).


You might not think you’ve got what it takes to be the next Picasso, but anyone can follow along in a painting class and make something that looks pretty amazing! If you don’t want to pay for a local class, find a good online video and do it yourself at home. You can get cheap supplies (canvas, paints, brushes) at a $1 store if you’re on a limited budget.


How long has it been since you’ve had to really dress up for a night out? Find something fancy you can go to together for the evening and then get dressed to the nines! Some suggestions: a symphony, a concert, a theatre performance, or maybe just a local fancy restaurant. If you’re on a budget, plan a fine dining night at home -- and still get really dressed up!


Choose a recent adventure you’ve had together and make a photo book! There are lots of online tools to create photo books that can be printed and mailed to you. If you don’t have a specific trip or adventure in mind, then make a book of all the things you’ve done together over the past year. Keep this habit up every year and eventually you’ll have a treasure of printed memories to look at and be a reminded of all the fun you’ve had together.


This idea requires a bit more time than just an evening. Plan a full day date with a theme of international food woven throughout. Mix it up with restaurants, coffee shops, food you pack in a picnic, things you grab along the way at an international grocery store, or a fancy dessert out. Since you’ve got all day, plan some fun outdoor activities (hiking, biking, canoeing, golfing, frisbee, etc…). Enjoy the extended time being together for the whole day!


Okay men! Here’s your chance to shine! Plan an entire date that will totally pamper your wife. You know what she’ll love best, so spend some time making the perfect plan. Maybe you’ll drop her off to get a pedicure or massage while you run her errands, then pick her up for a nice dinner. Or maybe she’d feel more cared for if you bought a pedicure kit and did it for her at home yourself. Plan the whole night around pampering her and showing her how special she is to you. Get creative!


Okay ladies! Here’s your chance to shine! Plan an entire date that your husband will love. Does he have a hobby you never do with him, but he would enjoy if you did? Or does a romantic dinner at home sound more up his alley? Think creatively about what will speak his love language the most and make it a super special time together…a date night he’ll never forget!


This one requires some planning ahead. Both of you need to order something online that you think the other person would enjoy for a date night together. It could be anything: a game, romantic candles, a book to read together, massage oil, food to prepare a meal together, etc… Be creative and keep it a secret! Be sure to place the order with your name on the package so your spouse won’t open it and ruin the surprise.


Pick a fun or romantic movie and plan a home date with fondue! You can make it a full course meal if you’re up for the challenge: start with a cheese fondue as the appetizer, then move to a meat fondue for the main course, and finish with a delicious chocolate fondue for dessert. Order a cheap fondue pot online to prepare for this date or try and find one at a local thrift store. After you finish dinner, snuggle up together and enjoy the movie!

#13 ~ GO TO THE ZOO ~

Going to the zoo isn’t just for parents and kids. It’s important to have fun together to keep your relationship healthy. And the zoo is a great place to have fun together! Plan a full day adventure at your local zoo or aquarium. If you don’t have a zoo close by, then consider a weekend getaway trip to a nearby city that has a zoo you can visit together!


Who said a date night needs to be filled with eating too many calories and sitting down? Step up your date night by doing a workout together. There are so many options for this: pick a workout video to do as a couple in your bedroom, or go to the gym, or sign up for a 5K and train together. Plus this idea doesn’t need to be limited to just one date night! Working out together can be really fun and is a great motivation to stay healthy.


This is a super fun (and tasty) idea! Start your date off by making a Charcuterie Board together. Choose a theme of whatever you like: fruit & nuts, meat & cheeses, chocolate & desserts. Or make two boards! Then go on a romantic picnic somewhere together and take the board(s) and a game to play. Enjoy eating, talking and playing a game together outside. If it’s cold or rainy, plan an inside picnic in your bedroom on a blanket!

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